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"I would readily recommend Lorie's transcription services. She is highly organised, technically savvy, and can meet tight dead-lines whilst maintaining 100% accuracy and attention to detail. Lorie is also professional and a pleasure to deal with."

Tracy Secombe
Director - Safe Work Practice

Benefits of Telecommuting

Embracing technology and the power of telecommuting ...
We have all experienced the deadline crisis - not enough hours in the day, not enough hands on deck, but the job HAS to get finished on time! For businesses of any size, telecommuting expands the talent pool, reduces the spread of illness, reduces costs, and increases productivity.

In the business world today, we have the flexibility of technology - ability to email documents, upload files to secure servers, encryption programmes, convert documents to a PDF for format precision, just to name a few technical positives.
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A Machine Cannot Read Your Mind

Let’s talk about spelling and grammar checkers ...
We are all familiar with the squiggly coloured lines that appear under a word or sentence, or the automatic changes if the software ‘thinks’ you have made a mistake. Relying purely on an electronic spelling and grammar checker could be detrimental to your document and professional identity.
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Food For Thought

Books are a preservation of the past ...
It would be a very sad, unintelligent and non-adventurous world if the original inscription of characters had not developed.

Where would we be if, for example; Christopher Columbus, Afonso de Albuquerque or James Cook hadn’t utilised cartography? Taking a few steps backward, what if the schematic diagram or construction plan for the ship design weren’t plotted on paper? Or celestial navigation hadn’t been invented or recorded?
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A Little Bit Of History

From pen and paper to satellites ...
In the 1960’s, development of the information technology industry was improving, however telecommuting was in its infancy. Some programmers worked at home a couple of days a week, and as the ‘desktop computer’ hadn’t evolved, a majority still had to write source code using a pen and paper. They created the input by ‘punching cards’ and did the testing at a local ‘datacentre’. To the guys that had to do it this way, you’re legends! The rest of us thank you for paving the way for technological advancement. Smile
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