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Benefits of Telecommuting

Embracing technology and the power of telecommuting ...
We have all experienced the deadline crisis - not enough hours in the day, not enough hands on deck, but the job HAS to get finished on time! For businesses of any size, telecommuting expands the talent pool, reduces the spread of illness, reduces costs, and increases productivity.

In the business world today, we have the flexibility of technology - ability to email documents, upload files to secure servers, encryption programmes, convert documents to a PDF for format precision, just to name a few technical positives.

Outsourcing a variety of secretarial duties is a major benefit to efficient streamlining of in-house workflow. For example, overhaul, update or modernisation of business templates, marketing or promotional material development including PowerPoint presentations, typing and formatting technical or quality assurance manuals. With the implementation of workplace health and safety priorities, the typing of, and regular updates to, procedure manuals is another duty that is often required.

Online editing or proofreading of websites is essential and with technology, reporting of corrections is by way of email. Referencing the page link and checking all the elements of the website are essentially another form of telecommuting.

Consider these scenarios:

‘I don’t need another employee all the time, but it’d be handy to have someone I can call on that doesn’t need a desk in my office.’

Simple solution: TELECOMMUTE

‘One-off projects are often a necessity; however my employees are already stretched to the max.’
Simple solution: OUTSOURCE

‘I am sure there is someone out there who can help me get this job done, will make sure the job is done professionally and accurately, and respects the sensitivity of the document.’


Proofreading is by far THE most important factor to be taken into consideration with any document that is going to be read. Regardless of if it is a company profile, newsletter, shares prospectus, advertisement or the ticker-tape on the daily news displayed on the television screen.

I cannot stress enough, the importance of this aspect in business. Outsourcing this service is made even easier with the flexibilities of technology.

There are plenty of situations in business when an extra pair of hands, or eyes, is required. By outsourcing and having your project completed by a telecommuting business can substantially reduce your overheads and increase productivity. Aside from the different time zones we have, utilising this style of business relationship, your project could be undertaken while you’re asleep and on your desk the next morning. How often do you wish for an angel of a secretary to come in overnight? ... well, here’s your chance!

Embrace technology and the power of telecommuting
and take advantage of the benefits ... NOW!



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