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A Little Bit Of History

From pen and paper to satellites ...
In the 1960’s, development of the information technology industry was improving, however telecommuting was in its infancy. Some programmers worked at home a couple of days a week, and as the ‘desktop computer’ hadn’t evolved, a majority still had to write source code using a pen and paper. They created the input by ‘punching cards’ and did the testing at a local ‘datacentre’. To the guys that had to do it this way, you’re legends! The rest of us thank you for paving the way for technological advancement. Smile

Along came the 1970’s. It has been said that the roots of telecommuting lay within this era of technology. The terms ‘telecommuting’ and ‘telework’ were coined by Jack Nilles in 1973. With the further development of technology, telecommuting was done by way of linking satellite offices to downtown mainframes by ‘dumb terminals’ using telephone lines as a ‘network bridge’.

Slipping into the 1980’s. With the massive ongoing decrease in cost and increase in performance and usability of personal computers forged the way to decentralise even further, moving the office to the home. A quick step into the 1990’s and the boom of the Internet, Emails, VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks) and VOIP (Voice Over IP) saw a major increase in people being able to work from home, thus simplifying business communication. It proved to be quite efficient and useful. It allowed staff and workers to communicate over a large distance, saving significant amounts of travel time and cost.

Towards the late 1990’s and beyond, the practise of telecommuting became far more popular as personal computers became more affordable and the internet, nowadays an expected business tool, became more accessible.

With the ever-increasing development of laptops, WiFi, and broadband technology, business communication and mobility has never been easier. We often feel that technology has made us busier; however it has introduced us to a whole new way of doing business.

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