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Lightning Services Australia is

The Virtual Assistant that you need ...
Lightning Services Australia offers you a professional service for all your proofreading, copyediting, desktop publishing and secretarial requirements. We take pride in impeccable work ethic.

Although physically based in Clermont (Central Queensland), Lightning Services Australia can assist you — anywhere in the country or the world.

‘I don’t need another employee all the time, but it’d be handy to have someone I can call on that doesn’t need a desk in my office.’

Simple solution: TELECOMMUTE

‘One-off projects are often a necessity; however, my employees are already stretched to the max.’
Simple solution: OUTSOURCE

‘I am sure there is someone out there who can help me get this job done, will make sure the job is done professionally and accurately, and respects the sensitivity of the document.’


Paying attention to detail is VERY important ...
Picture this: a 12m x 3m billboard beside a national highway promoting a product, and a glaringly obvious spelling mistake. Major oops!! The image here says it all. Embarassed

It is the same principle with any on-screen advertisement, business proposal, assignment or novel. Outsourcing your proofreading requirements is a major benefit to you personally, and your corporate profile. We are earnest in being a successful telecommuting business and offer our services Australia wide.

Ensuring you the highest quality of proofreading, copyediting, desktop publishing and secretarial services.

We guarantee our work.



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